Sep 6, 2009

How to remove autorun.inf virus

What is autorun.inf virus?

Autorun.inf is a virus that copy itself from USB drive to your local drives. Normally it exist in USB drive and it can infect your system in many ways. when you will open the drive it automatically hide itself so it cannot be deleted manually.

How to remove autorun.inf virus?

The solution is very simple. Download "Autorun Eater" and you will get rid of all problems caused by autorun.inf

Secondly it can also fix task manager problem, fix registry problems and also can enable folder options.

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Print all files in a folder with a single command?

Free computer tips for printing files in a folder with a single command

Printing a single file very easy. but if we have more then one file then its not easy to open each file saperately and print it.
Let me tell you a simple way to print all files in a folder with a single command.
For this you need to open notepad and copy the following data in it.

@echo off

dir%1/-p/o: gin>





Save the file as printdir.bat, then save it in c:\windows folder. you can also save this file with any name but you must give the extension as .bat.

Now open my documents and then go to tool menu and then folder options, there Click File types tab, it will be in the upper side of the screen you will find a file type below” Registered file types” Select it and click Advanced Tab, This will open Edit File Type. Here you can see a button “New” click it and then Type print directory in action tab. Browse for c:\windows\printdir.bat through browse button at application used to perform action and then click OK.
If you want to print all lot of files then place them in a folder and then right click the folder and then select print directory option in it.