Jul 10, 2009

Increase disk performance

Free Computer Tip for Disk performance

Perhaps you may not be knowing that disk defragment can enhance your disk performance and speed. But windows built-in defragment system is very lazy and time consuming.

How to increase disk performance

can increase your disk performance by using Smart defrag. It is an automatic disk defragmenter that keeps your hard drive space from becoming overly defragemented which can cause slower disk performance. it work continuously in the back ground which your computer is idle and does not require further user intervention for basic maintenance. the program also include a manual defrag and with optional file system optimization.

Software name : Smart defrag

file size : 2.48 MB
licence : Free
Supported OS : windows 2000, 2003, XP , Vista

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Stop unwanted windows processes

Free Computer Tips for Windows

Your system may be slower because of unwanted system process running. it not only consume RAM but also slow down the processing speed.

I am going to introduce a software which can kill, control and debug the windows process. application name is "Daphne" which is a small try utility. you can kill a process by dragging the mouse over the windows by right clicking the process in the main process list, or by typing the name with "kill" all by "name" contained. you can set any window to be always on top, to be transparent, to be enable.it also speed up windows and comes with lot of functions, you can even restore the application from daphne menu.

Pre-process detail includes: windows tree, trend list, modules and environment variables

Software name : daphne

File size: 1.36 MB
Licence : Free
Supported OS : Windows 2000, XP, Vista, windows 2003

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Wise disk cleaner software

Most of the time your disk get full with unwanted files, which are normally hidden and unknown to user. To delete them permanently is not an easy task.even disk cleanup utility cannot fully clean the disk properly.

Best disk cleaner software

Today at free computer tips I am going to introduce a software that is known as wise disk cleaner as the name says its really wise enough to find out which file is not necessary for system and how to delete it permanently. Wise disk cleaner is a free disk utility designed to help you keep your disk clean. Usually these are junk files, incomplete uninstalls or temporary internet files. Using the software is really easy. It automatically scans the disk and ask you before deleting files and work very fast.

Wise Disk Cleaner

File Size : 2.7 MB
Licence : Free
Supported OS : all windows

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