May 19, 2010

Facebook blocked in Pakistan

Facebook which is a well known social networking website has been providing communication, entertainments and lots of other stuffs to its mellions of members but recently some cartoons and sketches of Prophit Mohammad was published on Facebook which annoyed muslim community.

There have been protests in many muslim countries and their focus was to block this website or remove these cartoon and sketches. Although Facebook is an amazing website but muslim will never accept this thing that someone make fun of their religion and hence Govt. of Pakistan took strict action and blocked this website.

Hopefully Facebook will be back on 31-may-2010.


  1. facebook should b ban 4eva.....

  2. well i think by only banning this would not solve the matter wat we must do is that facebook should be sued because it is mentioned in the terms and conditions that all the community and member accounts will be banned abusing the relegions and people .

  3. facebook sux !=@