Jul 1, 2009

Monitor flickers too much

Free Computer Tip, If your monitor flicker too much

Reason for flickering :

Sometimes your monitor is not fully compatible with your VGA, in this case your monitor flickers too much.

Solution :

To resolve this issue simply right click at you desktop then click properties in the setting tap click advance. A new window will pop up then click at monitor tab.
  • From here you can change the monitor refreshing rate. 
  • Setting the right refreshing rate which your monitor support will fix the problem.

Delete data from a CD

Free Computer tip on how to delete data from CD

First of all make it sure that you have Cd-rw connected with PC and installed.
Secondly all CDs are not erasable so if the CD you are using is not erasable, then you are unable to delete data from CD.
Now to erase files from a CD, double click the Cd-rw drive in my computer.
It will show the contents of CD.Under CD writing tasks, click at "Erase this CD-RW". It will displays the CD Writing Wizard. click next and then follow the instructions in the wizard to delete the files from a CD.