Aug 29, 2013

How to Increase Your Facebook Likes

Almost all the online businesses, brands, celebrities have their own pages on Facebook and their likes keep on increasing with the passage of time because they keep on updating their page and keep their audience engage.
But it is not always easy to gain a lot of  likes for your Facebook fan page and it can take months to gain just 1000 Facebook likes initially for your fan page.

let me share an idea here that will not only increase your Facebook likes easily but also it will give more gain and trust to your Facebook audience and of course you will get more traffic and sales from traffic coming from Facebook to your website.

Here is the Process

  • There are many Facebook likes providers online who provide likes for your Facebook fan page. 
  • But there are very few who provide quality likes.
  • I would recommend you to buy likes for Facebook from a trusted site like
(I would say that they are the king in this industry having great customer support and provide best service for Facebook likes)
  • There are packages like if you want to buy 500 likes they will charge you $20 for that and $40 for 1000 likes.
  • They also provide USA likes but prices are bit higher because it need more struggle. They charge $40 for 500 US Likes.
Currently, They are accepting all type of debit and credit cards for payment process. let me tell you that I have tried them many times and they are trusted people.

Note: I am sharing my personal experience and there is no monitory value involved for the post. :)

Apr 27, 2011

Internet Backup solution

Backing up your files on the internet is not much new concept in which you store your files to some online server. It may be a web server or file server But we should know that Internet backup solution is being provided by many companies and few of them are very trusted. so before choosing any Internet Backup solution provider we should know their credibility.

Tips for Internet Backup

  • Fist of all analyze the size of your files.
  • If they are of small size like less then 5MB then any email server or Google DOC would be the best option.
  • If the size is large then you need some file sharing server.
  • Most of the File sharing server are free and other charge a nominal amount.
  • First check the server then upload files.
  • Use some compression tool like WinRAR or WinZip to reduce the size of files.
  • Use some software to upload files.
  • Do not use copy pate or cut paste option.
  • If data is most impotent then store it on two different servers

Remember when you have choose the best internet backup solution, There is less possibilities of loss and good companies always charge you a fee to store your files on their server. You can learn more Online backup software Benefits on this blog and can also learn what is online backup software and how it is used.

Dec 9, 2010

IX Web Host

IX Web Host
There are many different alternatives to be considered in the world of ix web host. There are various options that some web users are entirely mislaid as to which one to pick. It is really difficult to find an excellent web host these days, especially because the market is packed out with piles of marketing dollars being thrown hurriedly. Ix web hosting is the option that you will want to consider.

Ix Web Host was started in late 1990s and has really engraved a place in the hosting industry. The company redefines the standard hosting with some of the most gorgeous rates and every one can take advantage of. Ix web host considers it immaterial whether one is going to initiate a large scale website, moving through the world of e-commerce, the thing to be considered is that whether this company has something for everybody. Ix web hosting has many charming features and it is best among all.

I would like you to check internet backup solution for some useful information about how to backup your data on internet