Dec 9, 2010

IX Web Host

IX Web Host
There are many different alternatives to be considered in the world of ix web host. There are various options that some web users are entirely mislaid as to which one to pick. It is really difficult to find an excellent web host these days, especially because the market is packed out with piles of marketing dollars being thrown hurriedly. Ix web hosting is the option that you will want to consider.

Ix Web Host was started in late 1990s and has really engraved a place in the hosting industry. The company redefines the standard hosting with some of the most gorgeous rates and every one can take advantage of. Ix web host considers it immaterial whether one is going to initiate a large scale website, moving through the world of e-commerce, the thing to be considered is that whether this company has something for everybody. Ix web hosting has many charming features and it is best among all.

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Nov 19, 2010

Online backup software Benefits

 Today is the era of information technology. We all are surrounded by the world of software. Software are available in different forms. Now online computer backup are catching the attention of the peoples. Many individual and companies are using online computer backup to protect their confidential data from loss or theft. It is also the best way to stay away your data from the eyes of hackers. Many companies are providing online backup solutions for you.

online backup software Benefits

One unique feature is the main reason why everyone is transferring their data to online sites or online backup software is its off site storage. This feature helps everyone on those locations where internet is connected with your computer. Online Backup Software is great in those situations where you don’t know where it is safer than your hard disk.

This process is so easy and reliable that you can just upload data through any online data backup service and it will build a wall against all those who want to reach it through illegal way. online data backup service works just like internet. It is available anytime even at that time when everyone is busy in their holiday shopping.

How to use online backup service

Software are compatible at any operating system whether you are using XP, Vista or going for windows 7 short keys. They are running with everyone. You don’t need to buy any new equipment or download some unknown heavy supporting software. Online Backup Software is always ready to install on your computer. Online Data Backup Service gives you its setup at that moment on which you paid it a price and will get it in minutes. No need to wait for hours and start protecting your data with this facility which is brought to you by the world of internet.

Nov 5, 2010

IX web hosting features

IX web hosting features

If you want to know about best web hosting companies the name of ix web hosting comes to you. The founder of ix web hosting founded it in 1999.It is not bigger size web host and not to much smaller size web host actually it is medium size web host. ix web hosting offers different hosting packages.

1. Expert plan (EP)
2. Business plus (BP)
3. Unlimited pro (UP)
4. Two windows plans

ix web hosting providing tow or more cheapest plans allow you to try host website. One more thing is discussable that is pricing. Ix web hosting has very low prices and offering software which makes the web designing easy. Many other companies are also offering cheap hosting but they are not giving quality to their customer. I think so that is just wastage of time and money so you must beware of such companies. It is really very difficult step to choose the best web hosts. The first step to find out the best web hosting is checking the reviews of that company.
Different devices used in IX web hosting data center

History of Ix web hosting

Ix web hosting come to existence it turns remarkable name itself in hosting companies. And instantly give very exclusive plans in market. Consequently thousand of sets of users are in whole the world. Their strategies are fundamentally effective and are intended at offering value for cash armed forces. One more wonderful offer from this company is money back guaranty that's a step to enhance the satisfactions of the customer.

Nov 2, 2010

Top Ten Web Hosting

Top ten web hosting

If a person wants to earn money from internet then he must have hosting that might be paid hosting or free blogs but paid hosting is preferable. A person need to know that when his hosting will become well known he must know the modification of his hosting.

Hosting location depends on your target market. if that is UK market you need to collect the list of UK hosting companies.

To select top ten web hosting there are different things to know like

1.  Hosting location
2.  Disk space
3.  Bandwidth
4.  FTP access
5.  Pricing
6.  Security and backup
7.  Access speed
8.  Up time support

If some problem occurs with your hosting you must know about that trouble and where to ask about that and all the top ten web hosting companies are providing assistance to their valued clients. One more thing is common in top ten web hosting that they have unlimited data transfer and disk storage. Last thing is activities of your competitors so you must have to keep eye on your competitor's activities because some time they will show that they are from top ten web hosting. In the beginning you have to copy some steps and mix your own unique ideas. Read useful Web hosting reviews and you wants to upload and delete some articles because user wish to know that who is giving new, interesting and unique things and if you are giving good features on your site then you consider as top ten web hosting.

Oct 31, 2010

Conference Calling Companies

In this post at free computer tips I am going to tell you that  conference call is a call on your hard phone or cell phone which is slightly different from a simple call. In this type of call more than two persons can communicate with each other at the same time and now a days many companies are offering specific and unique devises which allows this call to work on internet. On the internet people can communicate and they can also share there files and they can recordable chat and they can also play back the call without any hesitation.

conference calling companies

As very high demand of conference call many conference calling companies popped out offering this type of service. So a computation is build among a company that's why it is available at very affordable rate now days.

Conference calling companies providing their great services

Many other conference calling companies are present in market. They are giving different type offers to there users. They have expert teams of maintenance and they are working appropriately. Many of conference calling companies are offering new services including live screen call. In this type of call people can see other party on screen. With this type of call many business men are saving their time and their money and they can see their purchasing products on the screen. Many professors are delivering their lecture to their student world wide. The family members which are settled in different countries they chat with each other with the same time. The other meaning of conference calling is “travel removing”. Within the time conference calling companies will introduce new offers.

Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490 Conference Phone Expandable
Polycom SoundStation2 Avaya 2490 Conference Phone Expandable

Oct 19, 2010

Online Backup Software

Online Backup software

Did you ever listen the name "Online Backup Software"? Maybe not. These online backup software are very popular nowadays. Basic function of these software is to backup all your data online at some server from where you can get back your data using online backup software. Normally they charge a server rental fee for backing up data online and you can restore your data to your computer at any time or in case of emergency.

Online Backup Guide for Service Providers - How to Start and Operate an Online Backup Service
Online Backup Guide for Service Providers - How to Start and Operate an Online Backup Service

Having an Online Backup of all your important files is very necessary if you do not want to lose these files at any cost. Although you are using a super computer, uncertainty always exist there and there may be a hardware damage or bad sectors in hard drive which may cause loss of data. Sometimes you are unable to recover these files even after using free computer tips. In this case online backup software fulfill all your need and requirements.

 Norton Online Backup 2.0 1User/25GB
Norton Online Backup 2.0 1User/25GB

Oct 18, 2010

Computer Repair Help

you computer is not responding or showing a blank screen, You are very tens and trying to find out some computer repair help. But it is not always easy to fix the computer problem even if you have little knowledge about computer hardware. Computer repair help is not always easy to get, When you will ask any of your friend to give you some computer repair help, Most of them will simply refuse to give computer repair help. But you do not need to worry about it. You need to check few of the things in order to get your PC at its previous stat.

First of all open the screw of your CPU and check the cables if they are pluged properly, If they are already pluged then make sure they are fixed in proper manner. Now you are getting computer repair help on your own. Check the RAM if they are dusty make them clean and fit them again. finally check the hard drive and Processor. Sometimes Processor fan is running slower which may cause your system to perform slower so make sure that fan is working properly. These are Free Computer Tips which are very helpful for each computer user.

Sep 28, 2010

How to clean keyboard

Clean keyboard

There are many type of keyboards in the market. Always try to find a durable keyboard as it may fall down the table. First you need to see what type of keyboard you are using If it is a rubber keyboard like the shown below then it can be simply cleaned with a cotton cloth.
Rubber keyboard which is easy to clean

But if you are using a keyboard which has saperate buttons on it then use a bluer to remove the dusts particles from buttons. There are many chemicals available in the market which are used to shine plastic equipments or used to remove bold from plastic bodies. If you do not want to buy any chemical for this purpose then simply surf can be used to clean them but for this you should be very careful that water may not go inside the keyboard. try to use a dust protector like the shown below it will not only stop dust particles but also keep you keyboard as a new one.    

These covers are used to stop dust particle from sticking inside keys

Water proof keyboard

 Few keyboards are water proof and it is very easy to clean them.because if water go inside it will not damage the circuit and there is a hole beneath the keyboard from where all the liquid will be moved outside.

Keyboard which is water proof

Sep 2, 2010

Make your system faster

Do you know your computer is running slow? This can be caused by many factors. Your system is too old and you need to replace it with a speedy system. Spyware and viruses are also one of the factor for slow running system. Since the accumulation of obsolete and unnecessary folders and files that are stored on your computer or laptop, and below are some computer tips on how to speed up a slow computer.

You computer may have a fragmented disk drive and probably windows own registry files may be corrupted. It can also cause dust and dirt, First of all always clean your computer and make it free of dust and dirt. dirt stuck and PC fans can lead to overheating. Your computer must have free space to make your computer faster in order to Increase your system speed. Delete temporary files and unnecessary and unused programs. Remove the trash and eliminate programs that you do not use.

You can format the computer in order to clean it to work faster. Remember to keep all files and programs first, to remove the files from the database. Remember that you must have a backup of drivers and install files. These files may be infected and may lead your system to run slower.

An important thing is to install antivirus and antispyware on your system and you must install a firewall to protect you from theft of unwanted data unauthorized malicious access to your computer. Or you can use PC without anti virus.

Defragment the hard disk. If system files are fragmented then normally it takes long to operate, as they had to be sewn. Defragmenting the disk can speed up your computer. This could cause Slower disk performance which will affect your daily task

When you use your system, data and information in the registry is damaged and unclear. Do you know, You can also stop unwanted windows processes the solution to this problem, the computer can run faster and works like newly purchased PC and this is one of the best tips you can follow the speed up a slow computer.

Clean your registry files with reliable registry cleaner software. Wise registry cleaner can scan and detect unnecessary files and programs and remove them from your registry making your computer run faster.

Jul 29, 2010

Why to use wide screen

Using wide screen LCD

Most of us are using wide screen LCD and TFT but they do not know what is the purpose of wide screen and ordinary screen. In this post I will tell you the benefit of using wide screen LCD.

If you are movies lover then wide screen LCD is best for you because when a movie is made they optimize the best visibility for wide screen like in cinema. Maybe you have noticed that when you are watching movie on ordinary screen movie shots are being cut from left and right side and sometimes you need to adjust the screen resolution. But a wide screen will automatically adjust the screen resolution for best performance.
If you are not into movies then wide screen is not for you because while browsing you need to scroll more as compared to ordinary monitor.

Jun 9, 2010

Why Folder Options Not Showing

How to get folder option back

You maybe worried that why folder options are not showing. Its a silly virus which modify your registry files and remove the folder options from tools menu. Today at free computer tips I will teach you how you can get Folder Options back.

Open Start menu and from there select Run type gpedit.msc and hit enter now in the Group Policy window, from the left pane, select user configuration; Administrative Templates; windows components; Windows Explorer by high lighting it with the mouse cursor and now in the right side you will see an option which says "Removes the Folder Options menu item from the Tools menu right click on this option and select properties now in the properties under Setting tab, select Disabled and hit OK

Alternate Method

Open run and type gpedit.msc then go to user configuration ; administrative templates ;system disable "prevent access to registry editing tools".

May 19, 2010

Facebook blocked in Pakistan

Facebook which is a well known social networking website has been providing communication, entertainments and lots of other stuffs to its mellions of members but recently some cartoons and sketches of Prophit Mohammad was published on Facebook which annoyed muslim community.

There have been protests in many muslim countries and their focus was to block this website or remove these cartoon and sketches. Although Facebook is an amazing website but muslim will never accept this thing that someone make fun of their religion and hence Govt. of Pakistan took strict action and blocked this website.

Hopefully Facebook will be back on 31-may-2010.

May 6, 2010

10 tips for safer browsing

Below are 10 free computer tips for safer browsing

1 - Update your browser

first and most important thing for safe browsing is to update your browser because keeping malicious file is no longer a cyber criminal's only invitation to access your PC. IN hacking contest known as Pwn2Own in march, contestants were able to compromise Apple's safari browser in just minutes, while no one managed to exploit Google Chrome browser, even after several days.

2 - Update your browser plug-ins

Just as important as keeping your browser immunized is updating the programs that run within the browser, plug in like adobe flash. These programs can offer a path from the web to your PC's vital just as quick as flaws in your browser. In fact, cybercriminals often set booby-trapped sites to try exploits using vulnerabilities in several different programs in the hopes one will work.

3 - Don't trust your friend

In April several ripped through Twitter and spread from one account to another, sending messages seemingly authored by users;s friends. So far, those contagions have been mere experiments by young hackers trying to embarrass the site's administrators. But true cybercriminal worms are no doubt in the works. Given that spammers and cybercriminals have compromised Facebok and Myspace just as often.

4 - Check your DNS

The domain name system acts as the web's directory assistance, converting names of the web site in to the Ip addresses where they are hosted. But in august of last year, cyber security researcher Dan Kaminsky showed how that address system can be easily hacked to send user to look-a-like sites bent on stealing financial information or installing malicious software.

5 - Check site SSL certification

the padlock icon on your browser doesn't mean as much as it used to. For the past several years, hackers have been coming up with various tricks for spoofing secure socket layer certification. the system that assures that secure sites are secure by displaying that icon. A site bar glows green to indicate it's safe.

6 - Block address

Dynamic ads, like the rest of the website that are becoming more dynamic and gaining access to more of your PC's resources then ever. IN other words if the site your are visiting is not secretly planting malicious software on your machine, its ads might be. the safest way to protect against that threat is to simply block plus does the trick. More pleasant option is Add-Art (, which replaces ads with works from features artists--both prettier and safer then the average banner ad. Another way to block any site is manual blocking Block any site manually

7 - Block script

One of the most common avenues for exploitation on the web are scripts, programs that run automatically on the web pages through plug-ins. Many cybersecurity researchers recommend turning off java script, for instance, to prevent those programs from grabbing your PC. But a dafter tool might be Fire fox's No-script plug-in, which allows you to choose which sites should and should not be allowed to run scripts when you visit them.

8 - Maintain your anti virus software

If a malicious file manages to by pass all your other safeguards and install it self on your computer, anti virus protection may be your last line of defense. Keep it updated to filter out the latest round of files identified as unsavory. Or you need to learn at least how to run a PC without anti virus software

9 - Use two browser

Some web attacks, such as cross site scripting and cross site request forgery, are designed to steal "cookies" the tracking files downloading to your browser by the site you visit. Those script can give cybercriminals access to every site you have recently visited with the same browser.

10 - Assume your email is insecure

Another rule that falls in the possibly paranoid category: avoid using web-based email services to send or store any important data. Heremiah Grossman, a web security researcher with the firm white hat security, cautions that every web mail service, including yahoo and Gmail is subject to occasional security lapses that can jeopardize users data.

Mar 15, 2010

How to Run a PC Without Antivirus Software

In this post I am going to tell you some free computer tips on how to run a PC without using any anti virus software.

You may be knowing that there are built-in tools in your operating system that can be used to remove the evil software. Almost all the browser provide some sort of security tools including anti-phishing filters or anti spy-ware protection, Plus they block those website which  are potentially harmful for your system. You can use those features they won't slow you down.

Know that there are plenty of people, though, who hate anti virus software and with good reason. Most of them are hogs, slowing down your system and corrupting especially OS files. Secondly, Free anti virus programs do not provide a good level of security and premium version are expensive too so why not go without any anti virus program.

Use clean software

A clean software not an anti virus program. These are light programs that are used to delete temporary files, history and other unnecessary files which are not used by system but still create a load on OS. Remember that living without anti virus means living without scanning so  if you download a files it may be harmful for your system so better to use some some best disk cleaner software.          

Scan you PC remotely

If you have more then one PC, You can install anti virus on one while leaving the other machine without anti virus software. If the two machine can see each other on the network.
Or you could  take advantage of free online virus and spy ware scanner tools. Trend Micro's House call ( and Eset's online scan ( ) these will help you to perform a scan of your computer right from the internet. such scans might not remove any virus or spy ware found but they will at least tell you that your system is infected.

Manual remover of virus

There are many tips and tricks which are used to remove the virus manually as you can see how to remove readme.eml virus manually. If you know how to edit your registry then you can delete the key which is associated with infected file or virus plus you can follow few other tips how to increase you system speed.

Stop unwanted window process

You may not be knowing that there are few process running on your system which are hidden and don't show anywhere not even in task manager even sometimes they can disable you task manager. so its very necessary to stop these unwanted windows process.You can see more detail on how to Stop unwanted window process.

Backup all your drivers

When a virus attack on your system its sometimes tries to damage the driver files so when you are without any anti virus software you need to backup all you drivers. Hopefully these tips will help you speedup your system.

But If you are still interested in buying the best antivirus then I would suggest the following.
Webroot Antivirus 1 PC and Window Washer Bundle

This is the best antivirus which I trust Webroot Antivirus 1 PC and Window Washer Bundle. You can reply on it 

Norton Antivirus for Mac 11.1
Norton Antivirus for Mac 11.1 is  also one of the great antivirus.

Jan 19, 2010

How to choose motherboard

Free computer tips on selection of motherboard

In this post you will get 9 free tips on buying a new motherboard. What points you should keep in mind before making a choice for motherboard. As you know creating a customized PC is much easier and fulfill your requirements. The most important decisions you will make for your customized PC is which motherboard to buy. Motherboard prices and features vary tremendously so you need to consider performance, Prices, and features in a new motherboard depending on your need and requirement.

Motherboard shopping tips

Tip 1 : take some time to think about how you will use your system.

Understand what kind of system you are building. Someone with a power meter that requires a serial port will care a lot more about the peripheral features than the average user will, while the hard-core gamer will probably focus on the GPU, CPU, and chip set while ignoring peripherals and form-factor issues.

Tip 2 : Selecting the chip set

If the CPU is the brains of the PC than the Chip set is the spinal cord. Chip set is the single and most important component of motherboard and it directly influence the performance. Chip sets normally employ two different chips referred to as the northbridge and southbridge.North bridge is responsible for dealing with high-performance devices while less sensitive devices are dealt by southbridge. Northbridge includes the memory controller and graphic controller while southbridge includes networking, storage, audio, general peripherals. Pick chip set first, then the motherboard. The difference is chip sets can be significant but two motherboard with same chip set will be nearly identical in performance.

Tip 3 : Selecting Memory

Stay with DDR2 memory unless you need the extra bandwidth and performance. A modern desktop PC should have at least 2GB of memory, possibly 4GB for more demanding applications. Most chip sets use DDR2 memory at up to 800 MHz but newer chip sets from Intel may also use DDR3. DDR3 offers more bandwidth and consume less power but its expensive also.Both DDR2 and DD3 uses 240 pins the difference is that the key ( a small gap between the pins) is closer to the center of the DIMM ( the memory module ) for DDR. while it is closer to the edgeof the DDR3 DIMM.
Remember : If the memory module doesn't fit into the slot, don't force it!

Tip 4 : Selecting graphic Hardware

The graphic processing unit (GPU) is the third most important component of a system, right after the CPU and chip sets.
You need to consider the cost, performance and upgradability. AN IGP is a fine choice for for users interested in a little multimedia, office work and other lighter workloads.

Tip 5 : PCI Slot

PCI express comes in two flavors. GEN 1 and GEN 2. The difference is that Gen 2 PCI express slot runs at 5GHz twice the speed of previous generation. If the price is no object and maximum gaming performance is your goal, your selection is bit different. True multi-GPU support is a your high-end is priced accordingly. The only options for multiple GPUs are SLI and Crossfile. SLI for nvidia and Crossfire for ATI cards. Remember nVidia is the clear performance leader and note that nVidia chip sets and intel's Shulltrail motherboard.

Tip 6 : Sound card

AC97 is an older audio standard that has been superseded by HD audio or Azilla. For the dedicated enthusiasts who would benefit from a discrete sound card an = extra PCI-E slot is enough to find.

Tip 7 : Networking

A good chip set will always have at least one integrated gigabyte Ethernet port. simply check it before buying.

Tip 8 : Associated Peripherals

On the motherboard, the peripherals can include USB 2.0, fireWire, PS/2, serial and parallel ports, and a floppy drive. OF those options, USB 2.0 is an absolute necessity and fire Wire can be nice obsolete unless you pretty much specific peripheral device.

Tip 9 : Form factor

The last aspect of the motherboard to consider is form factor. Most motherboard uses the ATX form factor, with the microATX design meeting the needs of space conscious user.

How to recover deleted files

In this post on free computer tips I will tell you how to recover permanently deleted files. There are lots of data recovery software available in the market and online, but the risky thing is how to trust them.

Recover permanently deleted files

Pandora Recovery is a powerful free tool that provides its user an effective way to attempt recovery of permanently deleted files and that doesn't mean restoration of a file from Recycle Bin. The software recovers files removed from Recycle Bin, Deleted using Shift + delete keys bypassing Recycle bin and files deleted from DOS prompt. Pandora Recovery lets its user browse , search, preview and recover files deleted from NTFS and FAT volumes, supporting hard drive, flash drives and memory cards. It successfully handles archived, hidden, encrypted and compressed files and recovers Alternate Data Stream (ADS).

Pandora Recovery features classic interface wizards, hints and context-sensitive help. Pandora Recovery allows user to browse and search the tree of deleted files where shows deleted items only button comes handy. Finally, it has ability to scan drives clusters, picking up files whose MFT records have been reused by OS damaged or recreated( it restore files on formatted drives)

File size : 3.1 Mb
License : Free
Minimum requirement : windows 2000/ xp / vista

Click here to download it FREE