Apr 27, 2011

Internet Backup solution

Backing up your files on the internet is not much new concept in which you store your files to some online server. It may be a web server or file server But we should know that Internet backup solution is being provided by many companies and few of them are very trusted. so before choosing any Internet Backup solution provider we should know their credibility.

Tips for Internet Backup

  • Fist of all analyze the size of your files.
  • If they are of small size like less then 5MB then any email server or Google DOC would be the best option.
  • If the size is large then you need some file sharing server.
  • Most of the File sharing server are free and other charge a nominal amount.
  • First check the server then upload files.
  • Use some compression tool like WinRAR or WinZip to reduce the size of files.
  • Use some software to upload files.
  • Do not use copy pate or cut paste option.
  • If data is most impotent then store it on two different servers

Remember when you have choose the best internet backup solution, There is less possibilities of loss and good companies always charge you a fee to store your files on their server. You can learn more Online backup software Benefits on this blog and can also learn what is online backup software and how it is used.

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